Pumpkin Day

On Columbus Day we celebrated one of our family traditions and what could arguably be considered one of the highlights of Fall…Pumpkin Day!

What is Pumpkin Day? It is about all things pumpkin, centered around the main pumpkin picking event of course.

It all started last year with the simple plan of visiting the pumpkin patch. Then the challenge… how much “pumpkin” can you fit into one day?

This year we started the day strong by selecting a breakfast of pumpkin bread.

001 Pumpkin Bread

Breakfast selection was critiqued by one of the world’s toughest critics…a toddler.


The judge was pleased which made us all happy to get the day off to a good start.


A content toddler in the morning, what else does a parent need? CAFFEINE! A quick stop to Starbucks for some pumpkin lattes. Then we were off!

002 Coffee

The sun was shining for most of our hour ride to Bluemont, Virginia. While I always welcome a sunny day, it was especially appreciated since it had rained for five days prior to our excursion.  Yes…five. long. days.

But I digress. The time passed quickly and we had made it to our destination, Great Country Farms.

003 Sign

Great Country Farms had been on my radar to check out for awhile. They host a variety of events throughout the year and we were attending during their Fall Harvest Festival. Since our trip fell during the week, we didn’t get to experience all of the fun they offer. Some things are exclusive to the weekend, to include a pumpkin eating dinosaur, pig races and to my disappointment. a free wine tasting from Bluemont Vineyards. However, there was plenty to see and do!

We started on a wagon ride to take us out to the pumpkin patch to select our pumpkins right off of the vine!

004 Family

The view was gorgeous and the pumpkins were plentiful. There was only one downfall to this entire experience. You may recall that I said it had rained five days prior? Well rain and dirt equal mud. But mud would not stop us!

005 Pumpkin Patch

Tom of course picked his pumpkin almost immediately. Grant had fun running in the patch (and tripping on the vines).. I took more time, scoped out much of the patch, and found my perfect round pumpkin just in time to catch the next wagon back to the main area of the farm. Included with admission was a small pie pumpkin so we chose two of those, paid and loaded them up. Then we decided to check out the rest of what the farm had to offer.

There was so much to do! We visited some of the residents of the farm, to include the miniature horses, goats, pigs, chickens (including lots of adorable chicks!) Grant had the opportunity to climb on a hill of tractor tires, “drive” a tractor, play with trucks in a room of corn and took several trips down a tunnel slide.

008 Farm Animals 009 Chicks

010 Tires

011 Truck Tractor

The highlight of my visit was the fall treats they had on the farm. We enjoyed kettle corn and bought apple cider and cider donuts to bring home. We all had fun!

006 Farm

But pumpkin day was not over yet! We all enjoyed some pumpkin ravioli for dinner  from Trader Joe’s (Which I have discovered is THE destination for all things pumpkin in the Fall.  Mental note for next year). What a great day it had been! Now it was time to relax and unwind and on Pumpkin Day there is only one way to do that. With some Pumpkin beer of course!

007 Beer

Happy Pumpkin Day!


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